HMD Gains Foothold in Small-Scale LNG Carrier Segment

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) became Korea’s first shipbuilder to win an order for a small-to-medium-sized liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier from a foreign shipping company, gaining momentum to pioneer the emerging small-scale LNG tanker segment.

HMD said on Thursday it has signed a contract with Norway’s Knutsen to build a 30,000㎥ LNG carrier for USD 77 million. This contract includes an option for a second vessel of the same specification, which means the shipyard can receive an additional order at a later date if the shipping company decides to exercise its option during the agreed-upon period.

The signing ceremony, held in Knutsen’s headquarters office based in Oslo, was attended by Hyundai Heavy Industries’ (HHI) President Ka Sam-hyun and Knutsen’s President Trygve Seglem along with others.

The vessel on order from Knutsen is 180 meters in length, 28.4 meters in width and 19.4 meters in depth, scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2021 to carry LNG from eastern Italy to Sardinia, a large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In particular, the vessel will boast a shaft generator, often called “the green source of power,” which uses dual-fuel diesel electric propulsion systems and engines that can also run on boil-off gas and thereby significantly enhances operational efficiency.

“The level of trust we built over many years with HHI Group for a number of large-scale LNG carriers has naturally led us to choose HMD to construct a smaller tanker this time,” said an official of the Norwegian shipping company.

The LNG carrier market has been traditionally focused on large-scale vessels with capacity of 160,000㎥ or over, but a growing demand for LNG as an environmentally-friendly fuel and the expanding LNG bunkering infrastructure worldwide are combining to spur the rapid growth of the small-scale LNG tanker segment.

According to Clarksons, the UK-based shipbuilding market research company, the average number of small-scale LNG carriers on order per year across the globe remained around 5 for the past five years, but the number is likely to triple to 15 over the next decade.

“HMD is being highly recognized by clients for its technological edge, as is evident from the favorable comments we received from a shipowner for an LNG bunkering vessel recently delivered,” said an HMD official. “Building on this competitive advantage, we aim to secure a strong foothold in the market for LNG bunkering vessels and other small-scale LNG carriers down the road.”

The LNG bunkering vessel left HMD’s yard and was successfully delivered in October to German ship management group Bernhard Schulte.

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The 1st Sheet Metal Korea 2019
The 1st International Cutting & Sheet Metal and Steel construction Equipment Exhibition
May 22(Wed)~24(Fri) 3Days
Songdo Convensia Incheon Korea
Come to the New Market in the Northeast Asia, the center of Pacific region!
Do you want to be a leading player in Korean Cutting & Sheet Metal and Steel construction Equipments markets?
Take the chance in The 1st Sheet Metal Korea 2019
Incheon & Gyeongkido province are traditionally the center of automobile, iron & steel, shipbuilding, harbor and construction industries and have a heavy weight in Korean economy. This is the place of opportunity for Cutting & Sheet Metal and Steel construction and related industries to be able to show their capacity. You can meet new products that are environment-friendly and automatic-oriented in the 'Sheet Metal Korea 2019' from May.22 to 24, 2019. Also, you can meet buyers, manufacturer and distributor with a strong purchasing power, which may be directly connected with your sales results in Cutting & Sheet Metal & Steel construction equipments and etc.
Outline of The 1st Sheet Metal Korea 2019 Exhibition
Name of Exhibition The 1st International Cutting & Sheet Metal and Steel construction Equipment Exhibition
Abbreviation The 1st Sheet Metal Korea 2019
Simultaneously held The 6th International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition
(The 6th Welding Incheon Korea 2019)
Period Installation : May 20(Mon) ~ 21(Tue) 08:00~20:00(2Days)
Exhibition : May 22(Wed)~24(Fri) 10:00~17:00(3Days)
Removal : May 24(Sat) 17:00~22:00(5Hours)
Venue Songdo Convensia, Incheon Korea
Scale of Exhibition 150 companies from 16 countries, 400 Booths, 8,400㎡
Organizer Metal Network Korea Company, INN(Industry News Network)
Tel:82-2-3281-5037     Fax:82-41-675-0280
Media Sponsors Cutting & Sheet Metal Monthly
Marine & Shipbuilding Monthly
Metal and Welding Korea Monthly
Sponsors National Association of welding, Korea Forging Industrial Cooperatives, Korea Metal Heat Treatment Industry Cooperative
Exhibit Cutting Equipment, Laser Cutting Equipment, Plasma Cutting Equipment, Sheet Metal Equipment and Steel construction Equipment, Bending equipment, forming equipment, welding equipment, steel construction automation, sheet metal automation equipment, etc.
Participation Expense of The 1st Sheet Metal Korea 2019 Exhibition
shell scheme Shell scheme : 1Booth(9㎡/ 3m×3m)=USD 2,500$
shell scheme Inclusion contents - Fascia board with company name ( Korea or English)
(Trademark affix hour separate expense addition)
- Wall panelling
- Lighting (1.4M FL 2EA)
- Carpeting
- One information desk and a chair.
- Basic electricity (one Lamp power point)
※If more than 36㎡ exhibition space, meeting table(1EA),chair(3EA) will be provided with no charge.
space only Space only 1㎡/USD 240$×min 18㎡
Exhibitor is responsible for installation (Use one of designated installation service providers by Songdo Convensia Conv)
■ Discounted - 20% discount for early application until Dec 30, 2018
■ Application Participation Application Down
■ Booth Layout Booth Layout Down
◎ Notice : Organizer will allocate the location of booth based on the order of earlier participation given the size.

Company: Metal Network Korea Company
Add: #665-17 Okparo, Wonbuk-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungnam, Korea 32106
TEL: +82-2-3281-5037         FAX: +82-41-675-0280

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By popular demand – The Asian Marine Casualty Forum returns for a third edition in 2019

AMCF 2019 explores marine casualties in the 21st century and asks - is the industry coping?

LOC Group, in response to popular industry demand, is set to host the third Asian Marine Casualty Forum (AMCF) in Singapore in 2019, the company announced today.

The much-anticipated not-for–profit event “arranged by the industry for the industry” has rapidly become one of the cornerstone events in Singapore’s maritime calendar.

Over 300 senior representatives from the maritime and insurance industries will attend the third AMCF which will take place at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on the 11 and 12 April 2019.

The forum aims to raise the standards of the industry, boost cross-industry cooperation, and reduce the risks and challenges involved in future major salvage and wreck removal operations.

The speakers and participants of the two-day forum will explore how the shipping industry is coping with the swiftly-evolving marine casualty sector and will ask if the industry is taking the right steps to prepare itself adequately for a major shipping casualty.

Drawing on recent cases studies, industry leaders will share insights on the most topical issues of wreck removal and salvage in the shipping industry with delegate participation.

The highly contentious issue of quantitative risk assessment and risk transfer will be debated – with the forum seeking to examine its usefulness and effectiveness when dealing with casualties today.

Changes to Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF), the Salvage Convention and existing Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) forms of contract will be proposed and discussed.

Bribery and corruption will also be addressed head-on with speakers from the Maritime AntiCorruption Network sharing their knowledge and debating the key concerns.

Container ship casualties will be examined, and their causes and consequences debated by experts from across the industry.

Wrecks and the environment will be addressed including reef damage and a unique oil removal operation.

Commenting on the launch of AMCF 2019, Nick Haslam, Group Director Shipping Services of LOC Group, said: “With the widespread support of the industry, we are delighted to host the third AMCF given the tremendous success of the last two in 2015 and 2017.

“The AMCF provides the perfect forum for the industry to debate and collaborate in seeking ways to find improvement in managing casualties and reducing risks. The more contribution and input we have – the richer our conversation will be.”

The line-up of speakers and a detailed programme will be announced and released in January 2019.

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HHI Opens Korea’s Largest Comprehensive Training Center for Occupational Safety

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) held an opening ceremony of HHI Integrated Safety Training Center on Tuesday at the headquarters office in Ulsan, attended by CEO Han Young-seuk, government officials from Ministry of Employment and Labor and other representatives of labor and management.

Spanning 3,591㎡, HHI’s newly-opened safety training center is the largest of its kind among the nation’s corporate safety centers, offering a breadth of courses at its 11 training areas: five for theoretical training, another five for practical training and one for demonstration.

At the five theoretical training areas including one accommodating up to 150 trainees and three up to 20 each, a suite of methodical courses are available to equip trainees with safety knowledge, including statutory occupational safety education and other 57 safety and health training programs that offer real-life workplace safety stories, safety leadership training for supervisors, job hazard analysis training and others. 

The five practical training areas, the core facilities of the center, recreate real-world scenarios with miniature equipment and structures modeled after the real ones workers use to carry out their jobs. Under a total of 20 programs, each of the five areas is dedicated to customized training for: working at heights; operating cranes; operating mechanical/electrical equipment; working in enclosed spaces; and operating forklifts/high-reach forklifts. Next year will see the addition of new areas for painting and blasting.

The demonstration area is designed to reawaken trainees to the dangers that exist in their routine work every day, providing them with opportunities to experience simulated accidents, including falls, ladder falls and crashes, staged in demonstration facilities and virtual reality environments.

Training offerings at HHI’s Comprehensive Safety Training Center will reach out beyond its own people. Each year, some 20,000 employees of HHI’s partner companies will also benefit.

“To prevent workplace accidents, well-organized safety knowledge education must be paired with hands-on training and demonstration tailored to the specific situations our people are facing on the ground,” said CEO Han Young-seuk. “The Comprehensive Safety Training Center represents a major milestone in our enduring efforts to ensure a safe workplace, which will continue.”

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DHT Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:DHT) - Letter to Shareholders from the Co-CEOs

We have announced during this year that we will fit exhaust gas cleaning systems, commonly referred to as scrubbers, on two thirds of our VLCC fleet.  

The retrofit program encompass 16 ships built between 2004 and 2012, representing the ships within our fleet that stands to gain the greatest economic benefits.  

Additionally, the two newbuildings delivered from Hyundai Heavy Industries this year had scrubbers installed, taking the total to 18 out of 27 ships with scrubbers.

As we have stated, we are neither for nor against scrubbers, but deem it our responsibility to position DHT as best as we can ahead of the implementation of the new regulations.  

We believe scrubbers to be an economical way to comply with the new regulations and want with this communication to share some important details in our scrubber program.  Fifteen of the scrubbers that we will install will be able to clean the Sulphur content in the exhaust gas down to 0.1%, enabling these ships to operate with scrubbers within emission control areas (ECA) and ports, where permitted.  

Secondly, we configured our fuel tank lay-out allowing us to carry various grades of fuels facilitating the flexibility to consume compliant fuels with 0.5% or less Sulphur content when in emission control areas and in ports that does not permit scrubbers.  

We have elected this configuration in anticipation of countries implementing stricter rules related to use of scrubbers when ships operate in their respective near seas and ports.                

Looking beyond scrubbers, you should continue to expect consistency in our strategy, transparency in our communications and for us to do what we have said we are going to do.  

We like our current position.  With the last newbuilding delivered in October in time for the current market upturn, we now have all ships in the water earning money.  Following our financing efforts this year, we have no significant debt maturities until 3Q 2021.  

We are focused and we work hard to create value to your shareholding by pursuing what we expect to be a rewarding business plan. 

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Scorpio Tankers Announces Agreement to Purchase Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for 52 vessels

Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE:STNG) (“Scorpio Tankers,” or the “Company”) announced today that as part of its previously announced program to install exhaust gas cleaning systems across its fleet, it has entered into an agreement with third parties to purchase exhaust gas cleanings systems for 42 of its vessels in 2019 and for 10 of its vessels in 2020. 

The total value of these agreements is estimated to be $79.6 million. The systems that are being fitted are of ‘hybrid ready’ design, which allows them to be upgraded to a ‘closed loop’ configuration at a future date.

As part of the above-mentioned agreement, Scorpio Tankers also has an option to purchase exhaust gas cleaning systems for up to 28 additional vessels in 2020.

About Scorpio Tankers Inc.

Scorpio Tankers is a provider of marine transportation of petroleum products worldwide. The Company currently owns or finance leases 109 product tankers (38 LR2 tankers, 12 LR1 tankers, 45 MR tankers and 14 Handymax tankers) with an average age of 3.3 years and time or bareboat charters‐in 13 product tankers (one LR2 tanker, five MR tankers and seven Handymax tankers). Additional information about the Company is available at the Company’s website, which is not a part of this press release.

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Scorpio Bulkers Announces Agreement to Purchase Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for 28 vessels

Scorpio Bulkers Inc. (NYSE:SALT) (“Scorpio Bulkers,” or the “Company”) announced today that as part of its previously announced program to install exhaust gas cleaning systems across its fleet, it has entered into an agreement with third parties to purchase exhaust gas cleanings systems for 18 of its vessels in 2019 and for 10 of its vessels in 2020.  

The total value of these agreements is estimated to be $42.4 million.  The systems that are being fitted are of ‘hybrid ready’ design, which allows them to be upgraded to a ‘closed loop’ configuration at a future date.

As part of the above-mentioned agreement, Scorpio Bulkers also has an option to purchase exhaust gas cleaning systems for up to 18 additional vessels in 2020.

About Scorpio Bulkers Inc.

Scorpio Bulkers Inc. is a provider of marine transportation of dry bulk commodities.  Scorpio Bulkers Inc. has an operating fleet of 57 vessels consisting of 56 wholly-owned or finance leased drybulk vessels (including 19 Kamsarmax vessels and 37 Ultramax vessels), and one time chartered-in Ultramax vessel. The Company’s owned and finance leased fleet has a total carrying capacity of approximately 3.9 million dwt and all of the Company’s owned vessels have carrying capacities of greater than 60,000 dwt. Additional information about the Company is available on the Company’s website, which is not a part of this press release.

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Thordon Bearings has completed a range of water-lubricated and grease-free bearing installations to a third salt lugger in the Salinor/Navenor fleet, following the successful retrofitting of bearings to problematic newbuilds.

The Brazilian owner opted for the Thordon package following the rapid failure of the bronze and phenolic bearings supplied by a competitor to two newbuilds at the Manaus Shipyard delivered in 2015.

The salt carrier Nossa Sra. das Das Vitorias was retrofitted with Thordon’s SXL propeller shaft bearings after just three weeks of operation, while sistership Dona Zita was retrofitted with RiverTough shaft bearings and hardened steel liners in 2016.

José Fabio S. Camocardi, Managing Director, Thortech, Thordon Bearing’s São Paulo-based distributor, takes up the story.

“Salinor/Navenor’s dedicated carriers transport salt from mines located around the Northeast of Brazil area to discharge points offshore Brazil for loading on to larger ocean-going bulk carriers.

“Because these vessels operate in both inland rivers and coastal seas, the blue water bearings and liners originally supplied were not suitable for operation in dirtier waters, especially those with a high sand and silt content. They failed. We were contacted to find a solution, first for the Nossa Sra. das Das Vitorias and, later, Dona Zita. The bearing retrofits have now provided trouble-free operation in all types of water in which these vessels operate.”

Based on the success of the Thordon installations, Navenor approached Thortech to supply a complete shaft and rudder bearing and seal package for the newbuild shallow draught bulker Comandante Paschoal. 

Rio de Janeiro’s São Miguel shipyard delivered the vessel in August 2018. The scope of supply comprised a pair of RiverTough propeller shaft bearings, NCB liners and three TG100 mechanical seals for shaft diameters of 135mm, Thordon SXL rudder bearings for rudder shaft diameters of 168mm, and grease-free ThorPlas-Blue bearings for the vessel’s tiller arms and rudder stocks.

Scott Groves, Thordon’s Regional Manager – Americas, said: “The customer had so many problems with the bearings supplied to the Nossa Sra. das Das Vitorias and Dona Zita that a completely new approach was required for the São Miguel newbuilds. Following the earlier retrofit installations we were able to win the customer’s confidence. In addition to the Comandante Paschoal installation, we have also been contracted to provide the full shaft line specification for a new salt carrier due for delivery next month. Thortech is also negotiating the supply of Thordon bearing solutions for a newbuild planned for 2019.”

Salinor Salinas do Nordeste S.A. is Brazil’s premier salt manufacturer, providing more than 40% of sea salt production in Brazil. Navenor, a Salinor company, is responsible for the transportation of Salinor’s sea salt. 

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Rolls-Royce and Finferries demonstrate world’s first Fully Autonomous Ferry

Rolls-Royce and Finnish state-owned ferry operator Finferries have today successfully demonstrated the world’s first fully autonomous ferry in the archipelago south of the city of Turku, Finland.

The car ferry Falco used a combination of Rolls-Royce Ship Intelligence technologies to successfully navigate autonomously during its voyage between Parainen and Nauvo. The return journey was conducted under remote control.

During the demonstration, the Falco, with 80 invited VIP guests aboard, conducted the voyage under fully autonomous control. The vessel detected objects utilising sensor fusion and artificial intelligence and conducted collision avoidance. It also demonstrated automatic berthing with a recently developed autonomous navigation system. All this was achieved without any human intervention from the crew.

The Falco is equipped with a range of advanced sensors which allows it to build a detailed picture of its surroundings, in real time and with a level of accuracy beyond that of the human eye. The situational awareness picture is created by fusing sensor data and it is relayed to Finferries’ remote operating centre on land, some 50 kilometres away in Turku city centre. Here, a captain monitors the autonomous operations, and can take control of the vessel if necessary.

During the autonomous operation tests in Turku archipelago, Rolls-Royce has so far clocked close to 400 hours of sea trials. The Rolls-Royce Autodocking system is among the technologies that have been successfully tested. This feature enables the vessel to automatically alter course and speed when approaching the quay and carry out automatic docking without human intervention. During the sea trials, the collision avoidance solution has also been tested in various conditions for several hours of operation.

Earlier this year Rolls-Royce and Finferries began collaborating on a new research project called SVAN (Safer Vessel with Autonomous Navigation), to continue implementing the findings from the earlier Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications (AAWA) research project, funded by Business Finland.

Mikael Makinen, Rolls-Royce, President – Commercial Marine, said: “Today marks a huge step forward in the journey towards autonomous shipping and reaffirms exactly what we have been saying for several years, that autonomous shipping will happen. The SVAN project has been a successful collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Finferries and an ideal opportunity to showcase to the world how Ship Intelligence technology can bring great benefits in the safe and efficient operation of ships.

“This is a very proud moment for all of us and marks our most significant milestone so far. Today’s demonstration proves that the autonomous ship is not just a concept, but something that will transform shipping as we know it.”

Mats Rosin, Finferries’ CEO, added: “We are very proud that maritime history has been made on the Parainen-Nauvo-route once again. First with our world-renowned hybrid vessel Elektra and now Falco as the world’s first autonomous ferry. As a modern ship-owner our main goal in this cooperation has been on increasing safety in marine traffic as this is beneficial for both the environment and our passengers. But we are also equally excited about how this demonstration opens the door to the new possibilities of autonomous shipping and safety.”

The Falco is a 53.8 metre double-ended car ferry, which entered service with Finferries in 1993. It is equipped with twin azimuth thrusters from Rolls-Royce.

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Elomatic collaborates with NYK Group to create emission-free cargo ship

Elomatic has partnered with Japanese shipowner NYK Group and NTK’s technology arm MTI to create the concept design for a futuristic emission-free pure car and truck carrier (PCTC), – the “NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050”. Compared to current vessels, the NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 will reduce CO2 emissions by 100%. The energy-efficient vessel will also reduce energy derived from bunker fuels by approx. 70%.

The concept design was unveiled by NYK Group in mid-November. Elomatic was responsible for the concept creation and visualisation. The development of NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is part of NYK Group’s “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green” medium term management plan.

The NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is a follow-up from a project done in 2009 by the same parties, which culminated in the award-winning design of a container vessel for 2030, the NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2030. Japan, Finland and its Scandinavian neighbours have long-standing innovation traditions in the maritime sector and NYK SUPER ECO SHIP 2050 is another step in maintaining this leadership position. All partners involved in the project have a vision of a carbon-free world. 

The resistance of the vessel was reduced by 35% by remodelling the hull to decrease water friction, by reducing the weight of the hull, and by minimising air resistance. The improvements where validated with CDF calculations. Further improvements were made by introducing fuel cells for electric propulsion, relying on other highly efficient propulsion devices, and the generation of renewable energy on board the vessel.

Energy demand reduced by almost 70%

The energy demand of the vessel was cut by approx. 70% by eliminating energy and operational waste. The minimised energy demand enables truly emission-free operation. Instead of fossil fuels, the ship is powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. Some other futuristic elements in the concept include lightweight bionic design found in nature, the use of 3D printing for building materials, a digital twin of the vessel, and flapping foils inspired by dolphins to replace less efficient traditional propellers.

“We are honoured that NYK Group have continued trusting in our ability to provide technical and technological solutions for a greener future. One of our core goals is assist our customers in their struggle against the most significant challenges of our time. The greatest of these are environmental wellbeing, resource sufficiency and questions related to technology upheaval,” says Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo.

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