Cathelco provide MGPS systems for Ocean Valiant

Cathelco have won an order to supply marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) for the Ocean Valiant, a semi-submersible drilling unit operated by Diamond Offshore.

The Ocean Valiant is currently operating in the Janice Field located in the Central North Sea, approximately 175 miles east-south-east of Aberdeen.

The systems provided by Cathelco will protect the pipework connected to port and starboard seachests against blockages caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels which can impair the efficiency of associated equipment.

This will be achieved by installing copper and aluminium anodes in two electrolysis tanks with pipework connected to the seachests in order to dose the water flowing through the system.

In operation, the anodes are fed with a low impressed electrical current from a control panel resulting in the production of copper and aluminium ions. The copper ions flow through the seawater pipework system and produce an environment where the larvae of barnacles and mussels do not settle or grow. At the same time, the aluminium ions form an anti-corrosive layer on the internal surfaces of pipes.

The concentration of copper is extremely small, around six parts per billion, but effective in preventing marine growth, without harming the wider marine environment.

“Cathelco systems have proved their effectiveness in preventing marine growth on semi-submersibles and offshore platforms operating in the North Sea and around the world”, said Scott Rose of Cathelco Grampian, based near Aberdeen to serve the Scottish offshore oil industry.

Cathelco are the world’s leading manufacturer of MGPS systems for ships and offshore structures with a record of more than 50,000 installations over a period of 60 years.


The company also produce impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems used to protect the underwater surfaces of offshore platforms against corrosion. These are also installed on offshore supply vessels, product carriers and VLCC’s to safeguard hull integrity.

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