Epic Gas simplifies navigation by switching to GNS and Voyager

Leader in digital navigation wins contract to supply chart data and software tools to the entire Epic Gas fleet

GNS, the maritime technology company, has been awarded the contract to supply the fleet of Singapore-based Epic Gas Ship Management and its shore-based marine team with a complete navigation solution.

GNS won the contract following a competitive tender during which Epic Gas ran extensive sea and shore-based trials over a six-month period evaluating solutions from three vendors. Key evaluation criteria were intuitiveness of the software and simplicity of the end-to-end service, which includes everything from route planning and monitoring through to the efficient transfer of ENCs to ECDIS for voyage execution.

Capt. Martin Brzuska, Head of Group Marine Assurance, DPA at Epic Gas said:

“The most important thing for us is safe transportation of our cargoes globally. We wanted a solution that would really enhance bridge operations and support our crews in improving safety and efficiency onboard, Crew feedback on the GNS solution during our trials was exceptional across all areas in particular ease of use and simplicity, as well as the sophistication of the tools provided. GNS’s Voyager solution has become a great tool for us.”

GNS will provide digital charts and publications, paper products and navigational software tools to Epic’s fleet of 38 modern and high quality fully pressurised gas tankers. GNS will also provide its new GPS overlay that provides real time vessel positioning back of bridge and its V-Drive tool for transferring ENCs and updates to ECDIS.

The deal also includes Voyager FLEET INSIGHT, the company’s online service for ship managers, which will give the office team at Epic Gas access to a rich set of fleet analytics as well as office-based tools to help enhance the safety and compliance of the fleet even further.

Epic Gas completed its roll out of GNS services across of the fleet in Q4 of 2018.

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