Dual-Fuel Variant of MAN L23/30 Engine Awarded TAT – Pressemeldung: Dual-Fuel-Variante des MAN L23/30 wurde TAT erteilt

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s dual-fuel MAN L23/30DF engine successfully passed its Type Approval Test (TAT) on November 2nd 2017 at CSSC Marine Power (CMP) in Zhenjiang in front of the industry’s main classification societies. The five-cylinder test engine in China had an output of 125 kW per cylinder at a nominal speed of 720/750 rpm.

Finn Fjeldhøj – Head of Small-Bore, Four-Stroke Engineering – MAN Diesel & Turbo, expressed the company’s high expectations for the engine and said: “The L23/30DF covers a power range of 625 – 1,200kW, which makes it particularly attractive for such ocean-going vessels as bulkers of most sizes, general cargo ships, chemical tankers, and smaller LNG-carriers, as well as ships operating in ports and near the coast. Encouragingly, shipowners around the world have already shown significant interest in the engine and we are very optimistic about its future prospects.”

The TAT included tests of the engine’s:

- SaCoSone alarm and safety system

- dual-fuel safety concept, including a test of the pilot-fuel system

- load-step performance;

- and a components inspection.

The MAN L23/30DF engine was also granted a certificate for compliance with IMO Tier III regulations in gas mode without any after-treatment equipment. In addition, the engine can provide up to 110% power output in both gas and fuel modes.

ESL Shipping, the leading carrier of dry-bulk cargoes in the Baltic region, has already ordered the first six L23/30DF GenSets for two 25,000-dwt cargo carrier newbuildings, currently under construction at CSC Jinling ship yard in China.


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ABB Turbocharging tops industry efficiency benchmark


ABB Turbocharging has raised the industry benchmark for low-speed turbocharging efficiency to achieve an additional turbocharger efficiency increase of 2% by performing the measurement on an actual engine on an engine testbed.

As a performance yardstick for low-speed turbochargers, the industry applies the turbocharger efficiency benchmark given by MAN Diesel & Turbo, a leading global low-speed engine designer. ABB Turbocharging has now proven an exceptional 2% higher efficiency compared to this industry standard.

The ABB turbocharging efficiency benchmark test took place earlier this year on a Hyundai testbed in Korea. Three ABB latest generation A180-L turbochargers, produced by Hyundai under license, were fitted on an 8G95ME-C9.5 engine and the turbocharging efficiency was measured accordingly. The measurement was performed with state-of-the-art wireless measuring equipment to ensure highest data accuracy.

For marine operators the additional 2% efficiency increase achieved by the ABB A180-L turbochargers would mean annual fuel savings of up to 35,000 USD per vessel, depending on fuel price and load profile. This exceptional efficiency increase was also confirmed and verified by MAN Diesel & Turbo.

Fuel and maintenance costs have the highest impact on lifecycle costs and therefore total cost of ownership (TCO). This efficiency increase in turbocharging and the resulting effect of lower fuel consumption and costs will have a direct positive impact on the overall TCO for application operators.

Arie Smits, Senior General Manager, Product Group Low-Speed at ABB Turbocharging said, “The result of the measurement on an actual engine is a confirmation of our promise and commitment to continue to push for highest efficiencies and value for our customers. Promised, delivered and proven.”

ABB will be at the global shipping industry tradeshow Marintec 2017 in Shanghai, December 5-8 in Hall N1, number J31.  Further solutions bringing customers added value over the lifecycle of their applications will be presented to the industry.

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DHT Holdings, Inc. announces sale of its three oldest VLCCs

DHT Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:DHT) ("DHT") announced that it has entered into agreement to sell its three oldest VLCCs; DHT Utah and DHT Utik, both built 2001 and DHT Eagle built 2002 to one buyer for a total price of $66.5 million. About $33.5 million of bank debt will be repaid in connection with the sale of the three vessels.

The Company expects to deliver the DHT Utah and DHT Eagle to its new owner before end of 2017 and the DHT Utik in January 2018. 

The Company will record a book loss of about $3.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2017 in connection with the sale.  The loss is primarily related to the DHT Eagle. Subsequent to the sale, the average age of DHT's fleet of VLCCs is 6.1 years.


The sale is in accordance with the company's fleet renewal strategy. DHT enjoys a strong position with its robust balance sheet, high quality fleet, best-in-class cash break-even levels, competitive cost structure and attractive time charter contracts.

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RS class: gas carriers “BORIS VILKITSKY” and “FEDOR LITKE” delivered to the customer

The construction of a series of Arctic LNG carriers under the technical supervision of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is in progress: in November “BORIS VILKITSKY” and “FEDOR LITKE” gas carriers were delivered to the customer and the keel of a new gas carrier was laid (hull No. 2427).

A series of 15 LNG carriers unique in design, is being constructed as part of the implementation of the large-scale RF liquefied natural gas production project Yamal LNG. The construction site is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering shipyard in the Republic of Korea.

The new gas carriers are capable of all year round operation at temperatures up to – 50 °С. High ice class Arc7 allows them to navigate independently in the ice of up to 2,1 m thick when moving astern. The ships are equipped with three Azipod propulsion units of 45 MW joint capacity, which is comparable to the capacity of a nuclear icebreaker. A new membrane-type gas containment system GT NO96 GW used in cargo tanks with a total capacity of 172,600 m3, ensures safe LNG transportation through the Northern Sea Route.

Main specifications:

length – 299,9 m;

breadth – 50 m;

draught – 12 m;

deadweight – 85 000 t;

service speed – 19,5 knots.

RS class notation: KM(*) Arc7 AUT1-ICS OMBO EPP ANTI-ICE LI CCO ECO-S BWM(S) BWM(T) WINTERIZATION(-50) gas carrier type 2G (methane) (Arc7 at d<=12.0 m).

The delivered ships are named after Boris Andreyevich Vilkitsky (1885 - 1961) and Fedor Petrovich Litke (1797 - 1882), the celebrated Russian navigators, explorers of the Arctic.

Additional information:

Boris Andreyevich Vilkitsky headed the hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean, which in 1913 - 1915 carried out the first end-to-end navigation on the ships "Taimyr" and "Vaigach" along the Northern Sea Route, having made a number of geographical discoveries. The strait between the Taymyr Peninsula and Severnaya Zemlya, a bay in the Barents Sea, two capes and a glacier on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and islands in the Kara and Laptev Sea have been named after Boris Vilkitsky.

Fedor Petrovich Litke is a Russian navigator who circumnavigated the globe twice, an explorer of the Eastern Arctic, an admiral, President of the Academy of Sciences, a Demidov Prize laureate, one of the founders of the Russian Geographical Society and its Vice-Chairman. 22 geographical objects in the Arctic and Pacific have been named after Fedor Litke, including the cape, peninsula, mountain and bay on Novaya Zemlya, the islands in the Franz Josef Land and Nordenskjold archipelagos, the strait between Kamchatka and the Karaginsky Island.

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OOCL introduces another ambassador of world trade, the OOCL Scandinavia

In OOCL’s series of six ‘G Class’ containerships on order at the Samsung Heavy Industry (SHI) shipyard, we are pleased to introduce the newest and fifth 21,413 TEU container ship, named the OOCL Scandinavia, into our fleet of world trade ambassadors.

The OOCL Scandinavia will be joining her sister vessels on our LL1 service, linking major markets in China and Northern Europe together. 

The OOCL Scandinavia unveiled at the christening ceremony held at the SHI shipyard

In commemoration of this milestone at OOCL, we are very honored that Mr. Yue Yi, Vice Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd, was able to join us as our Guest of Honor and witness the christening of the vessel.

The Bank of China is one of the finest and most respected international financial institutions in the industry and their support to OOCL has been tremendous, allowing us to be the best that we can be in providing quality transportation and logistics services around the world, but particularly in China, where OOCL launched and pioneered the reefer-on-rail services from Xian to Qingdao in 1998, the first of its kind in the country.

As an active industry player in this vibrant market, facilitating trade and exploring new opportunities, OOCL was front and center in witnessing China’s remarkable growth momentum to become one of the world’s most influential economies today.  China is moving towards its next ambitious phase of development by working more closely with its trading partners to realize the One Belt One Road initiative in promoting trade and commerce.  In his remarks at the ceremonial event, Mr. C. C. Tung, Chairman of Orient Overseas (International) Ltd., commented on the importance of this initiative and also thanked the Bank of China for their support over the years.

 “The One Belt One Road initiative comes at a very important time in the shipping industry where leadership and policy directions to stimulate demand growth is needed most,” said Mr. Tung.  “We are in a very capital intensive business, and like the Belt and Road initiative, we cannot do it alone.  That is why we are very thankful to have our close business partners by our side in our journey, and we look forward to further deepen our working relationship with the Bank of China in the years ahead.”

Mr. Tung also thanked SHI for their dedication and support to OOCL over the years to consistently build vessels of the highest quality that greatly strengthened the competitiveness of OOCL’s fleet and capability to deliver reliable and efficient services to customers.

“The incredible work that has gone into the construction of this massive containership before us is the perfect embodiment of what teamwork means and how business collaboration can achieve wonders,” said Mr. Tung.  “This achievement is about working to bring people and companies of different professions and nationalities together to reach new heights, innovate, solve complicated engineering problems, and along the way, why not break a world record too!”

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IMarEST, Cyber Security from a Marine Perspective 

INCE & Co in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) UAE Branch hosted a knowledge sharing session for the Middle East maritime fraternity, identifying a relatively neoteric challenge faced by the industry. 

The INCE & Co presentation addressed the scale of cyber incidents globally and in the Middle East. It also looked at insurance issues, market initiatives and legislation/regulation around the subject. 

Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary IMarEST UAE branch, introduced the subject with a foreword on the increasing cyber targeting of the maritime industry and the requirement to protect vessels from cyber incidents.     

Commensurate with their CSR initiatives, as a firm with a global reach INCE & Co LLP have been committed to improving the impact of their social activities to the maritime community for over 140 years. Through their Solicitor Justin Whelan, INCE & CO presented ‘Cyber Security from the Marine Perspective’ which discussed the scale of cyber incidents and examined a number of particularly susceptible industries and the increasing risk to businesses of all sizes.  He drilled down into particular cyber risks facing the maritime industry as it moves into the age of smart shipping and increased digitilisation, and explained the risks arising from the inter-connectedness of systems. Justin discussed the nature of various cyber incidents, the varied cast of perpetrators and the widespread damage caused extending far beyond financial and data losses, and including for example physical damage to property, personal injury and damage to reputation. Justin emphasized the current difficult decisions facing companies in terms of traditional insurance products with a cyber clause versus specialist cyber policies.  He scrutinised in detail the May 2017 WannaCry and June 2017 NotPetya attacks. He discussed a number of marine cyber examples with far reaching consequences.  Justin emphasised that the ‘it will not happen to me’, attitude was akin to burying one's head in the sand and highlighted that senior management need to recognise that cyber is more of a compliance issue than an IT issue, adopting a prevention being better than cure approach. 

He reasoned that cyber security should be considered as an integral part of the overall safety management in shipping and offshore operations. Towards that end, INCE & Co have joined forces with Navigant to offer businesses a unique health check of their cyber defenses from both an operational IT perspective and an insurance perspective.  

The enthralling presentation was followed by a lively interactive discussion between the INCE & Co team and the riveted audience who savored the insight. Their numerous questions and comments were challenging and interesting. The 70 attendees were from ClassNK, Milaha, Viking Marine Services, UASC, SEACOR Offshore, C.S. Offshore, McDermott Middle East, D&K Holdings, Montec Ship Management, Grandweld, Quantcyb Inc, Bahri Ship Management, Industrial Tools International, Total, Gulf Ship Management, Al Mufaddal Engineering & Marine Services, Auburn Shipmanagement, International  Tanker  Management, BV, System Dynamics, Red Sea Marine Management, Sharaf Shipping Agency, Emirates National Oil Company Limited, DNV GL, Ibrakom Cargo, Dan Bunkering, GEM, Sky Bits, Nan Lian Ship Management, Silver Star Ship Management, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Ports, Asset India, Dubai Maritime City Authority, Akron Trade & Transport, Dockendale Ship Management, United Petro Supplies, Premier Marine Engg. Services and Sharaf shipping.

On behalf of the IMarEST UAE branch, Bilal Al Habash presented a bespoke token of appreciation to Justin Whelan.

Notwithstanding an unusual drizzle in Dubai, INCE & Co hosted fabulous cocktails & dinner at the rooftop poolside of the Ramada Jumeirah hotel.

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Langh Tech delivers hybrid scrubbers and EGR water treatment systems to container vessels


Langh Tech delivers hybrid exhaust gas scrubbers and EGR water treatment systems to 2,150 TEU container vessels on order at Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard.

Three container vessels on order for shipping companies Eimskip Island ehf and Royal Arctic Line A/S will be equipped with Langh Tech hybrid scrubber systems and water treatment systems for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The newbuildings are of a new energy-efficient design developed by Deltamarin, and will be built by the Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard in China.

The in-line scrubbers are multi-inlet installations, where the main engine and auxiliary engines are connected to the same scrubber tower. In addition, the MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke main engines of the newbuildings are equipped with EGR systems. EGR is a method to reduce NOx emissions to meet Tier III requirements. In the EGR process approximately one third of the exhaust gas is washed with a scrubbing unit where particles are removed from the exhaust gas before it is recycled back into the engine. 

The process water used in the exhaust gas washing is continuously cleaned during EGR operation, which is where Langh Tech’s water treatment technology is applied. After being cleaned, the purified process water is fed back to the process circulation or sent overboard. Similar water treatment is also used for the process water of the SOx scrubber system. Langh Tech is the first company to combine water treatment technology for both SOx scrubber process water and EGR process water.

The Langh Tech water treatment technology is based on membrane filtration, through which the operational costs are kept low, and the amount of waste is compressed into only small amounts of dry sludge. Additionally, membrane filtration cleans the overboard discharge water far beyond MARPOL requirements.

EGR process water treatment has required long and thorough testing for MAN Diesel & Turbo, and in the end of 2016, Langh Tech received the approval from MAN Diesel & Turbo. The combined water treatment for EGR and SOx scrubber requires very good purified water quality to be fed back to the EGR. The combined water treatment system saves space onboard, and further, only one chemical compound, caustic soda (NaOH), is needed to tackle both NOx and SOx emissions. This eliminates the use of urea, which is needed when SCR technology is utilised for NOx removal.

– This is the first deal for Langh Tech for newbuildings from a Chinese shipyard. Many offers are pending and scrubber requests for newbuildings pour in, says Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech. 

In addition to newbuildings, Langh Tech has several retrofit projects ongoing to be delivered and finished at the beginning of 2018. 

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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants’ Director June Manoharan wins The Maritime Standard Woman in Shipping Award

21 November 2017 – The fourth annual Maritime Standard Awards, held on Monday 23rd October 2017, saw LUKOIL Marine Lubricants’ Director June Manoharan win ‘The Maritime Standard Woman in Shipping Award’, celebrating and rewarding her amazing journey of success in the shipping industry.

Manoharan accepted the award gratefully and captured the audience with an emotional speech describing her professional life and development in the industry: “26 years ago, when I first joined the industry, I had no idea where this voyage would take me. To be honest, I certainly didn’t expect to be standing here to receive this recognition and I am deeply grateful to LUKOIL for trusting in me and making this possible. Yes, the journey has been long, unusual and often challenging. But I must admit, to a large extent I have enjoyed it, too. I have realized one important thing – there is nothing more powerful in life than self-belief and a can do attitude. When we have these, the rest will integrate automatically”


She closed her speech with a message to other women in the industry, saying: “Believe in yourself, negotiate for yourself and own your success. If you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you.”


This high-profile industry event, hosted by well-known Bollywood actress and model, Lara Dutta, at the iconic Atlantis Ballroom, The Palm, Dubai, attracted a top caliber audience of over 700 executives in the shipping industry from almost 70 different countries. In total 29 awards were presented to individuals and companies.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Orders PrimeServ Upgrades for Multiple Vessels

Engine insulation to be brought up to SOLAS standard in advance of required timeline

MAN PrimeServ, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s after-sales division, has confirmed an order from Norwegian Cruise Line for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) insulation upgrades for nine ships, totalling 44 engines, from the company’s fleet.

The order covers the equipping of all engines with an output of over 375 KW with heat insulation, spray protection and resistance to flammability and fluid density, according to the SOLAS 220 convention. MAN 48/60B, 48/60A and 58/64 engine types will receive the upgrades, which represent the first such order  from the Miami-based company. The project will be completed  in 2018.

Giovanni Canu – Vice President, Technical Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line – underlined the importance of safety aboard the company’s fleet of vessels and employing the use of the modern solutions available. Paolo Mele – Senior Vice President, Technical Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings – said: “Safety is the top priority at Norwegian Cruise Line and we use all the tools available to ensure the safety of our guests, crew and ships and do so in a transparent fashion such that customers and crew can clearly see it, and in advance of regulatory requirements.”

Dr Thomas Spindler, Head of Upgrades and Retrofits, MAN PrimeServ Four-Stroke, said: “Planning the execution of the insulation upgrade – such that it takes place without disruption to normal cruise schedules – is a key element of this order; indeed, we have already started with the first Norwegian Cruise Line vessel. This is a very significant order for MAN PrimeServ, and I am certain it will not be the last as we are currently holding negotiations with other parties within this segment.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo considers this project a very good example of what it means to act as one global player for its customers worldwide and to execute projects as one big team. This project will be handled from MAN Headquarters PrimeServ Diesel Upgrade & Retrofit and local office, PrimeServ Fort Lauderdale, USA. Both Dr. Thomas Spindler and Michael Kontny (General Manager, PrimeServ Fort Lauderdale) see this as a very good platform to show customers how the company is able to operate worldwide and use resources established in recent years.

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LOC, a leading global marine and engineering consultancy for the shipping and offshore energy industry, is celebrating 30 years of business in Asia.

Singapore was the chosen location for the opening of LOC’s first office in Asia, in 1987. Since that time, the LOC group has continued to grow its Asia Pacific footprint, developing 11 further offices across the region in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam and Australia – with the latest opening just last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Commenting on this milestone, LOC’s Regional Director for Southeast Asia & Asia Pacific, Alex Harrison said: “We owe the longevity and success of LOC in Asia to the dedicated teams who have worked across all of our regional business over the years and; for the on-going efforts made both in Singapore and across the region – to maintain the business in the current challenging market conditions.”

Over the last three decades, LOC has grown its regional team from just a few in 1987 to close to 100 employees across Asia Pacific, with local hires as an ethos. LOC Singapore reflects this, with Singaporeans accounting for around 60% of its team in the Republic.

LOC is synonymous with high profile marine casualties in Asia, as well as throughout the world – having been involved in some of the most challenging and complex incidents the region has witnessed.

This experience enabled the success of the first bi-annual Asian Marine Casualty Forum, an industry forum launched by LOC, in 2015, which has led LOC to produce a second one this year which attracted high level speakers and over 350 delegates from within Singapore and around the world, discussing key and relevant topics that affect the marine industry today. 

For many years, LOC has been at the forefront of marine-related environmental awareness, including the provision of consultancy for the development of offshore renewable energy and now bring this experience to the offshore renewables sector in Asia – having recently been appointed as Marine Consultants and Warranty Surveyors on two offshore wind farm projects in Korea, as well as the recent signing of an MoU with Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) in Taiwan.

Following LOC’s increased focus in hull & machinery (H&M), there has been a large upswing in H&M instructions regionally, as LOC continues to develop its market share in the Asia Pacific region.

In the energy sector, LOC remains a market leader in marine warranty and marine assurance services for new construction projects, such as the recently completed construction tow and hook-up of the multi-billion-dollar Ichthys central processing facility (CPF) and FPSO facilities.

Rutger Bierman, Managing Director for LOC Singapore, said “Singapore has always been a central area of focus for us. It is the gateway to the ASEAN region and having a base here enables us to do business in emerging markets in the region easily. The business-friendly environment is also another factor in operating from here.”

The Singapore office and the other regional offices, are key in managing and supporting the construction, mobilisation and transportation phases of some of the largest Capex oil and gas developments.

As part of developing its design engineering expertise, in 2006, LOC established Singapore based sister company, Longitude Engineering, which focuses on oil & gas, renewables and marine design and analysis.

To date, Longitude Engineering has four other flourishing offices in the UK and Mexico.

LOC’s Chairman for Asia Pacific, Capt. Jonathan Walker said today: “From being one of the first UK-based marine consultancy firm to expand overseas, LOC has grown considerably, with our Singapore office being a fundamental part of this growth, and continues to act as the central hub in our continued expansion within the Asia Pacific.”

Looking to the future, he added: “However, LOC never rests on its laurels, and is continuously exploring new areas of business for its blend of marine-related disciplines.”

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