CEO Martin Ackermann speaks at the 30th World LPG Forum

The 30th World LPG Forum was held from 3 - 5 October in Marrakech, Morocco. BW LPG CEO Martin Ackermann was a panel speaker at the Session on Fueling New Markets - Back to the Future. 

The session focused on the outlook for LPG, and forecasters' prediction of increased supply and stable prices. Mr Ackermann was one of five speakers debating on these predictions.

During his presentation, Mr Ackermann summarized how, following a period of rapid growth driven by US production, global seaborne exports have grown two percent year-on-year. 

The US has become the second largest exporter of liquefied petroleum gas, with stable production growth expected and shale plays driving future growth. 

On the demand side, China provided the largest growth market for LPG exports, with India also presenting robust demand but with different drivers.

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