China has not yet placed a full ban on open-loop scrubbers – BIMCO

Chinese regulators have updated part of its domestic emission control area (DECA) regulations with effect from 1 January 2019 but has not yet placed a full ban on open-loop scrubbers as reported widely.

In recent days, there has been reports that the Ministry of Transport in Beijing has now banned open-loop scrubbers from the country’s emission control areas (ECAs), which now cover most of China’s territorial waters.

Sources familiar with the matter have however told BIMCO that according to the updated regulation, the banned areas for discharging wastewater from scrubbers remain within inland ECAs, port waters under coastal DECA and the Bohai Bay waters only.

A full ban on open-loop scrubbers could however be adopted soon, sources familiar with the matter also told BIMCO.

In November, regulators said ships equipped with scrubbers were permitted to carry and use High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO), subject to emissions monitoring, and that scrubber waste and water must be disposed according to relevant regulation. This remains the case.

In October, there was speculation that China was planning a ban on open loop scrubbers. Chinese officials confirmed to BIMCO at the time that there were no immediate plans to impose a ban on the technology, as long as they were in compliance with prevailing regulation.

Read the BIMCO article here:

The updated DECA regulation is designed to supplement the previous regulation, as well as to provide more detailed guidelines for implementation.

BIMCO members are encouraged to pay attention to the following points from the new DECA regulation:

Ships that need to switch to low sulphur fuel must make a fuel switch plan and keep it onboard. The switch timing, ships position, fuel sulphur content - before and after switching – as well as fuel tank data and consumption details must be properly recorded on the ship’s Engine Log. BIMCO reads this as in line with IMO requirements for entering and leaving ECAs in accordance with MARPOL Annex VI.

The discharge and disposal of water pollutants generated by ships using exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) must meet the requirements of relevant regulations. It is prohibited to discharge wastewater generated by open-loop scrubbers within the inland emission control areas, port water areas of coastal emission control areas and Bohai Bay water areas.

A yet to be decided ban on wastewater generated by open-loop scrubbers within the whole of China’s domestic emission control area will be announced in due course.

It is prohibited to discharge exhaust gas washwater residues into any current DECA water or burn them onboard.


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Regulatory guidance on the use of indicative analysis methods to validate the commissioning of installed ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) on newbuild ships has been welcomed by Canada-based biotechnology specialist LuminUltra as a positive development for the global maritime industry.

Until now, there was no requirement to prove that treated waters were compliant with the rules. Only a ballast water treatment plant’s electrical and automation systems and physical parameters were checked during the commissioning process. Biological testing of treated water was not a requirement.

The 73rd session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee, however, agreed that indicative testing methods to analyze all organism size factions defined in the Ballast Water Management Convention’s D2 regulation and listed in Circular BWM.2/Circ.42/Rev1 should be used to demonstrate that the treatment system’s biological processes are working properly.

Importantly, it was agreed that all the three size classes of organisms need to be measured and assessed. This is because Zooplankton – one of the most difficult organisms to treat during the type approval process – can remain viable in sediments where there is little light, while Phytoplankton is more easily treated.

LuminUltra CEO Pat Whalen said: “We fully support this decision by the committee. This new guidance means that a ballast water treatment system can no longer be certified for operation unless compliance has been validated as part of the commissioning process, which is good news for shipowners and the environment. 

Problems can occur during the BWTS commissioning phase, including damage to important components or incorrect installation of the system. This can result in the system not working as it should, resulting in a lack of confidence that it will be compliant with the regulations. Testing during the time of commissioning validates the installation to deliver confidence to shipowners and operators that their type-approved ballast water treatment systems are working properly.”

The guidance is currently specific only to newbuild ships, but a proposal is expected to be submitted to MEPC74 requesting the regulation be extended to cover existing ships with ballast water treatment systems validated during an additional survey.

Carine Magdo, Business Development Manager, Ballast Water Monitoring Solutions at LuminUltra, said: “We are delighted that MEPC has heard our calls for the provision of a protocol to verify system efficiency, especially given recent reports that a significant number of installed BWTS are not working as they should. Testing system efficiency as part of the commissioning/certification process means that ships will no longer be able to put to sea with an incompliant system.”

While the new requirement is not intended to validate the design of a type-approved BWMS, classification societies are now implementing the new requirement into their BWTS commissioning certification processes.

Ms Magdo added: “Shipowner associations have long supported use of indicative methods for validating the shipboard commissioning of ballast water treatment systems.

“B-QUA is the only single monitoring and verification test that can measure all organism size groups required by D2 standards with the same method. The MEPC73 decision places our award-winning B-QUA test kit in pole position for meeting the new requirement.”

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Ship sanitation solutions supplier ACO Marine plans to triple production at its Pribyslav plant in the Czech Republic to meet increased demand for its stainless-steel wastewater treatment products.

ACO Marine Managing Director Mark Beavis explained the boom in the river cruise market is one of the main driving forces behind the ramp up in production.

“We will supply wastewater management solutions based around our advanced Maripur NF sewage treatment plant to a significant number of river cruise vessels scheduled to drydock this winter.

“ACO Marine is developing rapidly in this new market offering a very competitive solution which is attracting the interest of many owner/operators of these types of vessels. This trend is being reflected by the numbers of retrofit orders already booked for the 2019 winter season and beyond.

“To meet this increasing demand, we will expand our Pribyslav facility and bring production of all of our stainless-steel products under one roof. The expanded assembly hall will allow us to triple our stainless-steel production capabilities, and thus keep up with growing demand from across the marine industry,” said Beavis.

The development is part of the wider reorganisation and expansion of parent company ACO Group’s logistics centre in the Czech Republic, which Beavis says will “bring greater benefits to the efficiency of the whole operation”.

The expansion of Pribyslav plant follows the opening of a new MENA (Middle East and North Africa) marine sales and service operation at ACO Marine’s facility in Dubai.

ACO Marine’s Business Development Manager, MENA Region, Raduan Al-Kheir, said: “A significant part of our business is the design and manufacturer of high-end, stainless-steel wastewater treatment plants for super and mega-yachts. Many are owned by UAE residents who like to keep their vessels in their home region, so it is important for us to provide our customers with the aftersales care and support they need. Dubai is an important centre for both local and visiting yachts.”

The service centre will also provide a testing ground for ACO Marine’s new Maripur NF membrane cleaning service, developed to help reduce operational and maintenance costs.  While the mega-yacht sector will be an early beneficiary, the new service will be rolled out to other marine industry sectors later this year.

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Rolls-Royce to deliver ship design and equipment to a new fishing vessel

Rolls-Royce has signed a contract to deliver ship design and an extensive range of equipment to a 70-metre long stern trawler to be built for Engenes fiskeriselskap AS, based in Troms county, northern Norway.

This highly advanced fishing vessel is to be built by Gondan shipyard in Spain.

Shipowners Johannes Arne and Børge Arvesen, Engenes fiskeriselskap, said: «This is a milestone for our company and carries on the proud traditions of trawl fishing in our part of Norway.»

The vessel will be of type NVC 370 with a low resistant hull design, which meets increased demands for fuel efficiency combined with good sea keeping. It will be equipped with a package of power and propulsion, deck machinery, electrical and automation systems that will deliver benefits to both the owner and the environment.

Monrad Hide, Rolls-Royce, Vice President Sales, said: “Engenes has truly made an investment for today and the future. Our designers are also impressed with the owner’s keen attention to the future working conditions of the crew, both related to comfort and safety.”

The equipment to be delivered from Rolls-Royce includes a hybrid propulsion system consisting of the successful and efficient B33:45 diesel engine, Promas integrated propeller system and HSG drive system to ensure optimum propulsion efficiency in all operational conditions. Rolls-Royce will also deliver its latest electric winch technology, including trawl winches driven by permanent magnet motors.

Engenes Fiskeriselskap’s new vessel is designed for bottom trawling as well as pelagic trawling. It will have a modern factory deck arrangement to handle and freeze both white fish and shrimps, and ensure a high quality catch. The vessel is expected to be delivered from the yard in Q1 2021.

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Maritime security specialist Naval Dome has come up with an innovative approach to managing the cyber security status of all protected systems onboard ships, allowing shipboard and shoreside staff to monitor and evaluate fleet-wide system data, even when they are offline. Until now, only crew members have been able to access a ship’s offline data sets.

The Naval Dome Dashboard collects and collates all the data captured by the company’s multi-award-winning Endpoint cyber protection system for use either at the company’s HQ – where personnel can access both online and offline shipboard data – or onboard the vessel itself, to provide the master or chief engineer with a complete picture of the ship’s cyber status.

Naval Dome CEO Itai Sela says the Naval Dome Dashboard is particularly suitable for ships fitted with multiple, complex technologies. It can be tailored to the customers’ specific needs and can be integrated with existing dashboards.

Once the Endpoint system has gathered information from navigation and machinery equipment, such as ECDIS, RADAR, MCS and other critical equipment onboard, the data is accessed via an easy-to-navigate Dashboard display on a PC.

The Naval Dome Dashboard gives an exact picture of the critical equipment status, allowing users to quickly determine the number of PC-based systems onboard each ship and which of them are protected.

A Cyber State section provides information on the number of cyber security anomalies detected (caused for example by GPS spoofing), while a Cyber Map pinpoints the geographical origin of cyber attack attempts as gathered from Naval Dome cyber data base. The Dashboard also shows operators which systems are “connected” and those that are offline, highlighting when systems were last updated.

Importantly, the Dashboard indicates if an attack is in progress, but for information purposes only as those systems protected by Naval Dome Endpoint will have been secured without requiring intervention from the crew.

If an anomaly alert is issued by the Naval Dome security system the Dashboard will enable the operator to assess how the crew reacted to the problem, pinpointing the precise location of a suspected event and detailing who was using the equipment at the time.

Sela explains that there are two ways in which to use the data. “The first is offline. As many critical systems are stand alone and accessed directly by those on the ship, it is important that head office personnel also have secure access to this information.”

When shoreside operators wish to assess the performance of critical systems, data can be uploaded from the Endpoint to Naval Dome’s secure cloud, from where it is available through the dashboard, allowing secure access to information from standalone systems.

“Use in narrow bandwidth satellite communication systems makes it a very cost-effective solution for displaying critical information, keeping the costumer online and up-to-date.”

For online use, the information available through the Dashboard enables the ship and shoreside crews to assess the cyber status of each ship and of the entire fleet, says Sela.

“Naval Dome knowhow offers multiple layers of protection and anomaly detection, the effectiveness of which has been proved by comparing systems protected by Endpoint with those which are not.

“In this way, secure use of onboard systems can be more efficiently monitored and lessons can be learned from the experience to further optimise fleet efficiency, ultimately, reducing the costs related to resolving non cyber events,” says Sela. 

“The aim is to let shipowners know the cyber status of their onboard systems without having to react in any way. It’s our problem to deal with the attack. Naval Dome can deliver a very smart system that does not require any training. With just one click, shipowners can see the cyber activities of their entire fleet and control it.”         

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​OOCL Named Company of the Year at the Lloyd's List Global Awards

OOCL received resounding applause from industry peers for the coveted “Company of the Year” win at the Lloyd's List Global Awards ceremony in London on December 11, 2018. This top honor in the awards program pays tribute to an organization with marked achievements in areas such as operational excellence, digital innovation and for maintaining an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Highly regarded as one of the most important events on the industry calendar, this distinguished award celebrates our exceptional accomplishments and unflinching commitment to performance as the industry navigated through some of the most challenging market environments over the last few years.  

May it be in our persistent focus on operational efficiency, bringing innovative solutions to customers, taking our corporate sustainability profile into the next level, or pushing boundaries in the digital technology space, OOCL left no stones unturned to ensure we secure our competitive position and maintain our service quality hallmark widely recognized by our customers and peers in the industry.

Receiving the award on behalf of OOCL from London, Mr. Derek O’Galligan, Managing Director of OOCL – UK Branch said, "We are very honored to be named “Company of the Year” and this recognition means a great deal to us.  Receiving this award is a testimony of our hard work and dedication to excellence, and that the strength of the OOCL brand continues to be recognized as being synonymous to quality and professional services because ‘We Take it Personally’ in all that we do at the company.”

OOCL reached a number of notable milestones in 2018, including our work in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for shipping, contributing to blockchain developments to improve supply chain efficiency, launching competitive services to new markets in Africa, and achieving strong synergy with our sister company, COSCO Shipping Lines, on areas such as network optimization and equipment utilization and flow improvements.

Commenting on the award win, Mr. Stephen Ng, Director of Trades of OOCL from Hong Kong said: “We are very delighted by this honor and recognition of our achievements. To further strengthen OOCL’s competitive position, OOCL stands ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities in today’s evolving industry landscape and volatile market environment by building a more robust and agile service network, strengthening our operational efficiency, and working ever more closely with our business partners and stakeholders to succeed together. “

OOCL is well respected in the industry as a financially prudent company with a reputation for our customer-focused solutions.  Moving forward, OOCL is on a solid path for growth and we look forward to taking the OOCL brand to new heights and into new markets as we approach our 50th anniversary in 2019.

“Orient Overseas Container Line" and “OOCL" are trade names for transportation provided separately by: Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (“OOCLL") and OOCL (Europe) Limited respectively and both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Orient Overseas (International) Limited, a public company (0316) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Hong Kong, OOCL is one of the world's largest integrated international container transportation and logistics companies, with more than 360 offices in 70 countries. Linking Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Mediterranean, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, the company offers transportation services to all major east/west trading economies of the world. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. It is also an industry leader in the use of information technology and e-commerce to manage the entire cargo process.

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Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products sign fleet agreement covering retrofit and service of 33 Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 systems

Prominent Turkish ship owners Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products (with Genel Denizcilik acting as the technical management company), have selected Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 for ballast water treatment throughout their combined fleet. The recently signed fleet agreement covers a range of PureBallast 3 system types, as well as deckhouses and a service agreement.

Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products have a fleet comprising 16 tankers today. To ensure the ballast water compliance of thier vessels, the companies have chosen to work with Alfa Laval. A total of 33 PureBallast systems, including skid-mounted PureBallast 3 Compact systems and PureBallast 3 Ex systems for up to 3000 m3/h, will be retrofitted across the fleet.


“After an in-depth evaluation of the solutions on the market, we concluded that Alfa Laval and PureBallast 3 are the ideal solution for our fleet,” says Aydin Aydin, Energy Manager at Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products. “PureBallast 3 offers reliable compliance with an excellent fit for the very large flows aboard our Aframax, Suezmax and product tankers.”

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Indian Register of Shipping conducts Technical Seminar in Mumbai

Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), the leading international classification society recently conducted a Technical Seminar in Mumbai which was well received by industry participants.

The Seminar covered a wide variety of topics including Cyber Risk Management with respect to ISM code, IMO DCS and new services of IRClass like Vessel Performance Monitoring System (VPMS) & OptiTrim which will help owners and managers to improve operational efficiency and optimise fuel usage.

VPMS is designed to help owners and managers in assessing the health of critical machinery & systems, diagnostic and preventive maintenance. OptiTrim is a CFD based voyage planning tool by which optimum trim for a particular loading condition can be selected at different drafts and speeds.

The seminar included a presentation on approval, installation, testing & commissioning of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) units and scrubbers. This was deliberated by IRClass and a guest speaker from Aries Marine, Dubai who shared their experience and learning based on installation of over 300 Ballast Water Treatment Systems and more than 100 Scrubber installations.

The seminar was highly appreciated by the audience which included leading shipowners as well as managers. The event saw engaging and interactive Q&A session for each presentation.

Mr. K Bhardwaj, Head (Operations) said: ‘IRClass as a knowledge-based organisation is happy to share its perspectives and solutions to help the maritime industry to comply with the latest regulations. We intend to conduct more such events in India and rest of the world throughout 2019’.

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SFL - $270 million lease financing for 3 x 10,600 TEU container vessels and delivery of Front Falcon

Ship Finance International Limited (NYSE: SFL) ("Ship Finance" or the "Company") announces that it has entered into lease financing agreements (each, a "Lease Financing") totaling $270 million with an Asian-based institution to finance three 10,600 TEU container vessels acquired in 2018. The vessels are employed under long term time charters to Maersk Line A/S ("Maersk") until 2024, with options to extend the charters by up to four additional years.

Each Lease Financing has a term of more than 10 years, with an option to purchase the vessel back after six years, at expiry of the firm period of the charters to Maersk. A portion of the proceeds from the Lease Financings have been used to refinance the $200 million loan facility arranged at the time of the acquisition.

The interest rate of the Lease Financings is very attractive, and the transactions free up approximately $70 million of investment capacity, which is expected to be deployed in new investments. This transaction follows the recently announced $400 million lease financing on four 14,000 TEU vessels chartered to Evergreen, a leading Asia-based liner company.

In addition, the Company has delivered the 2002 built VLCC Front Falcon to its new owner. The sale of the vessel was previously announced in November 2018, and the net sales price was approximately $30.7 million. Following the sale of the Front Falcon, Ship Finance only has one vessel remaining from the Company's initial fleet in 2004.   

Ole B. Hjertaker, CEO of Ship Finance Management AS, said in a comment: "Our continued ability to source highly competitive capital, with nearly $700 million raised in the matter of few weeks, allows us to act swiftly on accretive opportunities. This has allowed us to continue to expand and renew our portfolio and simultaneously increase our investment capacity."

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Lamprell is pleased to announce that it has been selected by GeoSea Procurement & Shipping Luxembourg SA, a wholly owned subsidiairy of GeoSea NV ("GeoSea"), the lead engineering, procurement, construction and installation contractor on the Moray East offshore wind farm, to fabricate jacket foundations for the project. Lamprell will fabricate 45 out of approximately 100 jacket foundatio

ns required for the wind farm, plus three jackets for the offshore substations also being installed for use on the project.

Total project value is in excess of USD200 million. All fabrication work will be performed in Lamprell's Hamriyah and Sharjah yards in the UAE and is expected to commence in Q2 2019.  Lamprell will deliver the jackets to GeoSea from its deep water quayside in the Hamriyah port where GeoSea will transport the jackets to the offshore windfarm field in the North Sea.

The Moray East offshore windfarm project is a 295 km2, 950MW project which is located off the north eastern coast of Scotland and which will be developed and operated by Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd, GeoSea's client. The wind farm is expected to provide cost effective power for 950,000 UK homes.

Christopher McDonald, CEO, Lamprell, said:

"We are proud to have been selected to be part of the large scale Moray East wind farm project. The contract award manifests our commitment to the fast growing renewables industry which, despite the recent challenges, remains a core strategic focus for Lamprell. Over the past 18 months we have upskilled our workforce and enhanced our systems and processes in order to enable us to deliver projects in the renewables segment safely, cost effectively and to a high standard.  We look forward to working with GeoSea over the months to come."

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